Inventa BioTech

Inventa BioTech – the “hands-free” manual patch platform

  • Gigohm seals without enhancers
  • Data quality of manual path clamp
  • Can be a collection solution for analytical support
  • The platform chosen by the FDA

The Inventa BioTech is a robotic AI patch clamp platform designed to mimic a manual patch rig. This platform offers cell capture and sealing with quartz glass electrodes, seal resistances of 2 GΏ or greater without the need for seal enhancers, recordings at physiologic temperatures, and perfusion of the well for multiple concentration exposures. Because of its high data quality, flexibility, and throughput, the Inventa BioTech is an excellent choice for any lab wanting the performance of a manual patch clamp rig but with a much-enhanced throughput.

Inventa BioTech

Routine applications include: recording ion currents in expression systems and recording ion currents and action potentials in iPS-CM or native adult cardiac myocytes. Because of its unique perfusion system, data can be obtained from difficult to record currents such as ligand activated currents and currents which desensitize rapidly.

The Inventa BioTech is the choice for anyone who wants the power of a manual patch clamp setup with the throughput of an automated platform at a competitive price.